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Dean'na Mitchell, Fitness Instructor

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Dean'na Mitchell

My name is Dean'na (Deenah) Mitchell. Aside from having years of personal experience in weight management and exercise programs, I am ISSA Certified as a Personal Trainer with training in Pain Free Performance as well as with Stretching and Mobility. 

My interest in health coaching and fitness began over five years ago when I realized how misinformed and misguided I was about how to achieve and maintain the healthiest version of myself inside and out. I always thought health was defined by the number on the scale and being fit was simply being able to walk and talk. When I realized that those ideals did not quite line up to the medical version of "healthy", I knew it was time to evolve my thinking and execute a plan to do better so that I could be better. That interest led to passion which then evolved into purpose and has now become my mission. I am driven by the passion to help others realize success and lifestyle changes.

I am committed to enhancing and changing the overall health and fitness of individuals worldwide by first educating them on what that looks like, then providing the tools necessary to get there. Training is more than a workout, its an experience.

We don't just transform bodies, we change lives. Let us help you change yours.

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